CHANTAL [ 2 syll. ʃɑn•tɑhl  shɑhn•TɑhL shaWN-Tal (French) ] :

scribbling poetry on paper napkins : making something of nothing— scribbling words spilling coffee cleaning up my messes scribbling coffee spilling poetry on napkins. i write. leaving traces of haiku on scraps of paper everywhere i’ve been and working with young writers inspiring them through their own words. with big sunglasses, good coffee and strong conversation. taking one too many photos of the things you probably just walked past yesterday and capturing the diligent expressions as my young writing students stretch words to their fullest. staying off the highways right now, been slowed down a few years by episodes of migraines and chronic daily headaches, a bumpy road, strange– dark [though i live beneath california sun] –and yet at times– poetic; when coffees are side-by-side all day long in the cup holder and contradiction contradicts… and we can. and i’m here on a rooftop. since my first-grade debut stories ‘how to make a peanut butter and tuna fish sandwich’ and ‘i hate saturday morning cartoons’ i’ve been writing out loud, telling stories from the rooftops whether anyone’s been listening– i’ve had words at my fingertips– and now they’re at yours—- x c


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